Texas Constitutional Amendments 2023: A Comprehensive Guide (2023)


In the upcoming Texas elections, voters will play a pivotal role in shaping the state's policies by deciding on 14 crucial propositions. These proposed amendments could potentially bring significant changes to the Texas Constitution. While the ballot won't feature candidates for top offices, the impact of these propositions is far-reaching, directly influencing state-level policies.

Proposition 1: Protecting Agricultural Interests

Overview: Proposition 1 aims to safeguard the rights of farmers and ranchers by restricting municipal government intervention in land use policies related to farming, ranching, timber production, horticulture, and wildlife management.

Supporters: Right 2 Farm Texas, Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Sid Miller, Texas Farm Bureau, among others.

Opponents: Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, Humane Society.

Proposition 2: Tax Exemption for Child-Care Facilities

Overview: This amendment proposes a local option exemption from ad valorem taxation for real property used to operate a child-care facility. The goal is to address closures of child care centers due to workforce challenges.

Supporters: State Sen. Royce West, Methodist Healthcare Ministries, Texas Restaurant Association.

Opposition: No outspoken opposition.

Proposition 3: Prohibiting Wealth or Net Worth Tax

Overview: Proposition 3 seeks to prohibit the imposition of an individual wealth or net worth tax, aligning with the state's history of resisting income taxes.

Support: State Rep. Cole Hefner, other Republicans.

Oppose: Nonprofit group Every Texan, Texas American Federation of Teachers.

Proposition 4: Overhauling Property Taxation

Overview: This multifaceted proposition addresses the appraisal value of real property, school district taxes, and terms for appraisal board members. Notably, it raises the homestead exemption for school district taxes.

Support: Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Texas Realtors, and various organizations.

Oppose: No outspoken opposition.

Proposition 5: Investing in Higher Education

Overview: Proposition 5 allocates $3.9 billion to the Texas University Fund, benefiting certain institutions of higher education to enhance their research capabilities and contribute to the state's economy.

Support: North Texas Commission, Greater Houston Partnership, Texas Association of Business.

Oppose: No outspoken opposition.

Proposition 6: Establishing the Texas Water Fund

Overview: Aimed at addressing water challenges in the growing state, Proposition 6 establishes the Texas Water Fund to finance water projects.

Support: ExxonMobil, Occidental Petroleum, Texas Rural Water Association.

Oppose: No outspoken opposition.

Proposition 7: Boosting Gas-Fueled Power Plants

Overview: Proposition 7 provides support for the construction and upgrade of gas-fueled power plants, addressing concerns about the reliability of the energy grid.

Support: Corporations like ConocoPhillips Alaska, Koch Companies, Texas Oil and Gas Association.

Oppose: Environment Texas, Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance.

Proposition 8: Expanding Broadband Access

Overview: Similar to Proposition 6, this amendment focuses on addressing the digital divide by creating the broadband infrastructure fund to expand high-speed broadband access.

Support: Texas Broadband Now, Texas Farm Bureau, Texas Cable Association.

Oppose: Texas for Liberty.

Propositions 9-14: Enhancing Retirement, Supporting Healthcare, and Parks Conservation

Overview: The remaining propositions cover diverse areas, from providing cost-of-living adjustments for retired teachers (Proposition 9) to exempting medical equipment from taxes (Proposition 10) and creating the Centennial Parks Conservation Fund (Proposition 14).

Support and Opposition: Varies per proposition.


As voters prepare to cast their ballots, these 14 propositions demand careful consideration. Each addresses crucial aspects of Texas governance, from taxation and education to energy and infrastructure. The decisions made on Election Day will have a lasting impact on the state's trajectory, making it imperative for voters to stay informed about the details and implications of each proposition.


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